Membership policy

1. Purpose and scope

 The purpose of this policy is to:

2. Registration process

To get access to our website, all the investors have to sign up first.  All the investors shall not be under 18 years old.

During the registration process, the investor must provide the following information:

The investor shall constitute express written confirmation that the email address he has provided may be used for the purpose of receiving notices or communication from Thurawadh or any entrepreneurs with whom he invested.

The investor shall comply with such identification and other anti-money laundering requirement that is required by our company. Principally, we may require identification of investors and information about sources of funds being provided by the investor to invest to be considered in our sole discretion.

3. Registration fee

Thurawadh does not charge any remuneration for the service provided to the investor.

4. Membership benefit



Investment policy

In order to receive the investment, you have to follow these steps: