Securing your investment

The nature of securing your investment or interest is depended on the type of investing option made and also on the identity of startup business or company who is benefited from you.

The following are the principle forms that Thurawadh offers to help securing your investment.

#1 – Carefully Selected Project

Thurawadh has a screening committee to review and select project or investment opportunity. Our team analyzes on submitted proposal, business plan, project information, other relevant documents to identify whether it is feasible or not.

#2 – Background Check and Due Diligence

Behind all projects or investment opportunities, we carefully check the project owner’s background and their team work’s qualification. We collect all necessary information on personal identities and contact information of all project owners or companies who submit their project or business plan for fundraising with Thurawadh.

#3 – Selecting the Most Favorable Investing Option

With assistance of Thurawadh, project owner shall design investing option for fundraising. Some startup or business offers investing option as cash and/or in kind to become a shareholder. Whilst, some others prefer to offers return such as interest rate within a fix period of time. Based on your carefully consideration, you can select the most preferable investing option that fits your interest.

#4 – Secured Confidential Information

We secure your confidential information by using non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and shareholder agreement under witness of lawyer or notary. After signing NDA, we will provide all necessary information related to project you are interested to invest such company profile, CV or resume of project owner.

#5 – Carefully Read the Draft Memorandum of Association (M&A) 

To ensure that your interest will be protected, it is advisable that you should read carefully all articles, terms and conditions stated in draft M&A.

Securing your investment refers to protecting your asset or item you bought in purpose of generating income or profit in the future. If you are planning to invest your money to a project or startup company, it is advisable that you should read our risk warning associated with your investment.