From Demand to Profession

Thurawadh is established upon suggestions and requests of many young entrepreneurs, young talents, fresh graduates, colleagues, and friends for knowledge-sharing and opinion on:

Thurawadh Co., Ltd is duly registered as a professional investment consulting firm based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We provide consultancy service to local and international entrepreneur or investor. Our specializations are in corporate restructuring, and human resource and financial engineering, including but not limited to, alternative financial innovation, support for fundraising, access to green finance and business matching. 

To turn business into a simple affair, we also offer other necessary supporting services such as company set-up, licensing, contract, and alternative dispute resolution services.

Why Thurawadh?

Everyone can make his/her business dream comes true. We believe that establishing a business can be easier and possible to everyone.

Our mission is to make business start-up and /or business growth possible with ease for all by using eco-friendly investment approach to secure sustainable success for today and for the future.

Our aim is to help young entrepreneurs and young talents to turn their innovative ideas into real successful business while maintaining environmental quality, and to promote poverty reduction as consequence.

To achieve these goals, we create four teams to serve our clients. Each team specializes in a particular discipline, including: i) legal and investment, ii) tax and financial engineering, iii) marketing, and iv) investment development strategy.

Operating as a Corporate Consortium

To secure long-term success, Thurawadh is operating as a corporate consortium to provide “a complete and successful solution” based on win-win strategy for all. 

Our senior advisors, and our management have experienced in establishing and running their own business from A to Z. It allows us to a better understanding of difficulties of entrepreneurs – who envisioned an opportunity to develop a new product or service, and pursued that vision in search of independence and financial reward.

At Thurawadh, we provide advice and solution to business at any stages of business development. We develop innovative solutions to kickstart idea, support startup business and scale up their business.