FAQs for Thurawadh

Thurawadh Co., Ltd is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that responds to entrepreneurs’ needs for turning their innovative ideas into successful business ventures. Thurawadh Co.,Ltd is an investment consulting firm specializes in business and investment advisory, fund raising, access to green finance, corporate restructuring, and business matching. We focus on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle.

Thurawadh provides the service of raising the investment for your start-up company via our website

You can raise investment for any business except the business that is prohibited by Cambodia law such as human trafficking, guns, drugs, etc.

It is free of charge for listing your business plan on our website. When you reach your target amount, we will then deduct a fee of ……% from this. We will also charge any other processing fees.

It depends on the time that you get your campaign ready to go live on the site. We provide the period of 30 days for each campaign to raise the investment. In case that your campaign cannot reach the target in the period provided, you have the possibility to make a renewal for another period of time.

The maximum target amount is ……………USD. But if you wish to raise more than the maximum target, you have to possess a good proposal.

When your target is reached, we will inform you and all the investors. At this stage, you need to review your articles of association with the investors. We will also do the anti-money laundering on investors. Once everything is done with the steps above, we will then work with you on legal process such as company registration.

We aim to help start-up and early stage business. We will focus on the business which has a good business concept and a good proposal in order to help you to raise fund. Do not hesitate to contact us if your business meets the criteria mentioned above.   

To make a profit on your investment, you will generally need to sell your shares for more than the amount you invested. For example, the value of your share will rise in line with the growth of business you invested in. However, there is no guarantee that a sale opportunity of your shares will arise.

The investment may lead to some risks that need to be considered:

  • The business may not be a success or may not grow to deliver the profit to investors. You will not be able to get your money back.
  • In case that the business is a success, your business is likely to be illiquid. It means that your investment will be blocked into the business; you are not able to sell your share or withdraw your investment. Your profit may be needed to reinvest to facilitate the growth of your business.

To get access to our website, all the investors have to sign up first.  All the investors shall not be under 18 years old. During the registration process, the investor must provide the following information:

  • His full name
  • His full current address
  • His phone number
  • His email
  • Any other information requested by our company

First of all, you need to register as a member. If you find a campaign that you want to invest, all you need to do is to enter the amount you want to invest. The payment is made through……….

We will keep updating you the information related to the campaign which you invested. When the campaign reaches its target, all the investors will receive an e-mail which includes the article of the association that they have to review. Once the investor and the entrepreneur agree on the article of the association, they can start the business.

If you invest in a business that extent for the second time of the investment, we will contact you whether you still wish to make the investment with that business.