Finding right business partners is a key success.

Partnering with the right person makes you and your business stronger and stronger. While, the wrong partner will drive you crazy, make you hate your work and end up causing more problems, which sometimes, can lead to business disaster.

To promote a healthy and sustainable business relationship, Thurawadh offers a business matching service. We connect business to business (B2B), business to talents (B2T), and business to lenders (B2L) to enlarge cooperation and scaling up their businesses in various sectors. It includes hospitality industry (such as hotel, resort, casino), special economic zone (SEZ), industrial park, agro-industry, garment and manufacturing, real estate development, infrastructure, energy, import – export, city and urban planning, health care and any other services industries of any kind.

Upon necessity, we offer our customers either national or international with following services:

  • Background check and due diligence;
  • Identify and recommend upon request any potential business partners – ranging from know-how based share contributors to franchisee, investors in cash and/or in kind;
  • Research and finding relevant community, NGOs and/or local government authority for those who may wish to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), enterprise and/or public private partnership (3Ps); and
  • Recommendation on a practical corporate structure for a healthy cooperation.