Thurawadh helps our customers starting a business and provides practical A-to-Z advice based on their specific needs. These include, but not limited to the followings:

Investment Advice & Corporate Restructuring

  • Conducting market research, feasibility study, site selection, due diligence;
  • Branding (design trade/service mark, logo, trademark registration, and marketing strategy);
  • Providing support for designing business plan;
  • Designing and developing risk management and business strategies;
  • Corporate (re)structuring and innovating business strategy for sustainable growth;
  • Designing corporate structure and different supporting policies (such as financial and HR policies) to secure competitiveness and growth;
  • Incorporation and licensing;
  • Drafting agreements, covenants, MoUs and/or providing other material supports for negotiation and conflict resolution; and
  • Other advices to secure legal and tax compliances.


Recent Projects:

Experienced by our CEO and Key Professionals

We advised:

  1. The Ministry of Environment: to restructure its entire institutional structure in alignment with modern corporate governance principle to boost collective leadership and innovation;
  2. A world leading tobacco company - with the market capital more than 10 billion USD:  to explore business opportunities in Cambodia along with comprehensive overview of tax, environmental and legal compliance; 
  3. A well-known local private university - with 2300 students: to redesign its long-term vision and corporate structure in order to work with any world’s top 20 Universities;
  4. An SME (small-and-medium enterprise) - with investment capital more than USD 200 K: to the corporate restructuring of its specialization in manufacturing steel safety door;
  5. A Korean multi-beverage manufacturing company: to introduce a new energy drink product into Cambodian market with an “Exclusive Distributorship Agreement”;
  6. A group of Korean investors: to set up “a recycling business”;
  7. A group of Chinese investors: to conduct feasibility studies and set up “a medium size hazardous waste treatment facility”;
  8. A Hong Kong group and a UN Agency on sub-lease of a newly constructed high-rise building in Phnom Penh.